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Staying current on payables and maintaining a solid reputation is imperative in today’s business world. Smart companies are tracking days to pay very closely and watching who they do business with based on that and other factors that TruckWin helps you control.

The TruckPayables feature will help you organize and maintain your vendor information, pay your debtors, and provides you with many reports to look back on historical information!

Enter recurring payments once and utilize the other included features in TruckPayables to increase your efficiencies! Quick check writing makes sending out checks simple and easy. Pair that with easy invoice entry and your life just got a whole lot easier.

Paying on time keeps your industry credit rating high and makes everyone want to work with you. We also make it easy to pay at the right time – it’s important for your cash flow to keep money going out at the right time.

All of this data is compiled and gives you an exact look at your cost per mile, so you know what loads to take and what loads to leave. Pair this data with data from accounts receivable and you’ll know your income vs your expenses, and be able to forecast how much money you’ll have at any given time. When you know where you are, you know where you’re going.

Key Functions

  • Invoice Entry
  • Quick Check Writing
  • Accounts Payable Term Table
  • Vendor History Reports
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Cash Activity Report
  • Invoice Aging Report
  • 1099 Printing
  • Print Invoices Payable at a Certain Date
  • Print Labels
  • Ability to Void an Accounts Payable Check
  • Ability to Enter 1099 Adjustments
  • Ability to Change a Vendor ID in History
  • Reminder Window for Payments Due Dates
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