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The features included in TruckDispatch will improve your companies asset utilization, customer service, driver retention and carrier relations while at the same time reducing your deadhead & operating costs.

Trip Information automatically flows to the other features throughout the Connect system providing you with reduced workload and accurate data! Pay your office workers and company drivers with payroll, pay your owner operators with settlements, invoice and collect from your customers in billing, see your profit and loss in accounting. All included and easy to use!

FTL & LTL capabilities, tractor and trailer maintenance with license tracking, IFTA reporting, fuel card imports, and more are all included in the Dispatch feature of TruckWin Solutions!

Control your trips with Truck Dispatch

Assign drivers, tractors and trailers to your loads and track specific load information relevant to the haul.  TruckDispatch also has FTL/LTL capabilities along with split trips and multi-stop functionality.  AND you can email the load details directly to your drivers!

Dual Authority?  Use the move order to send the trip information to your other company for easy trip tracking across multiple company platforms!

  • Enter FTL, LTL & Split trips while assigning all of your stored data from your personalized lists and specific information as it relates to the exact trip your hauling.
  • Pending Loads are those that have been entered but have not been assigned to a driver yet.  Utilize this feature to keep track of your future loads! 
  • Have a trip out on the road that hasn’t been delivered yet?  These trips are found in the Dispatched Loads section.  This allows you to understand the status of these trips and to make any necessary changes prior to delivery!
  • TruckWin Connect has a feature in Dispatch called the White Board.  This is where you would go to find any trips in Dispatch that have not been completed yet.  Pending & Dispatched loads will be located in here and you also have the ability to color code them for easy identification!
  • Provide your company with the ability to track quoted rates for trips.  This tool would allow your dispatchers to know what was previously quoted for a specific lane or trip and would also allow management to control pricing and profits!
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