It’s no secret in todays transportation industry the cost of fuel is the number one expense truckers face daily.

But, do you know what the cost of fuel today is versus just 6 months ago? If your rig averages 5mpg at ~$6.00/gal you are spending $3,600/week in fuel (based on 3k miles/week).

That’s ~$1,410 more per week than just 6 months ago.

If you have to wait 6 weeks for invoices to be paid, that equates to an estimated $21,600 in total fuel expense for 6 weeks in fuel alone! Do you have the funds to handle these added costs?

We can get you paid in a few days, so you can avoid carrying these costs and keep your trucks on the road!

Much more than a factoring company.

At CarrierNet, we are more than just a service provider; we are your friends in progress, unwavering in our dedication to the growth of our clients and our team.

About the Author: Jim Metz

A veteran trucker, sharing tales and lessons learned on the open road!

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