Alex Olsen

Senior Account Manager at CarrierNet

Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science/Pre-Law from South Dakota State University. Along with accomplishing minor’s programs for Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Piano Performance, he holds specialty certificates in Supply Chain Logistics and Management through Rutger’s University. He considers himself a “lifelong learner” by being an avid reader and continually pursuing educational opportunities to further his knowledge across various fields; he is currently working towards an IBM Data Science Certificate as well as completing coursework in Medical Neuroscience through Duke University’s remote learning program.

Currently a Senior Account Manager, Alex has seen CarrierNet grow in his 8 years with the company while working in various capacities. He takes pride in CarrierNet’s personal approach to customer service and finance, which he says is instrumental in helping small businesses succeed while contributing to the overall health and infrastructure of the economy. He enjoys the trucking and transportation industry due to the huge diversity of clients and conversations he gets to have on a daily basis while assisting and advising enthusiastic and independent business owners.

Before his career with CarrierNet Alex’s work experience also included a variety of fields. Notably: The U.S. House of Representatives, Educational Finance Assistance Programs, and opening his own Piano/Guitar Lesson Music Studio. In his spare time Alex is an accomplished pianist/keyboardist, having performed hundreds of shows throughout the Midwest and working regularly as a professional studio musician throughout the early 2000’s.