Will Cummings

Sales Specialist at CarrierNet

Will has resided in Southeastern South Dakota all his life. He attended school in both Canton and Sioux Falls, SD, receiving his diploma from O’Gorman High School. He eventually earned an Associate’s Degree in System Administration from Southeast Tech in 2011. He has spent the better part of 25 years working in a variety of industries including collections, sales, technology, and the bar/food service industry. The common thread being there were always clients and customers having needs to be met with the upmost customer service.

Will joined the CarrierNet sales team in September 2020. Bringing with him the knowledge of working with people, his goal is educating others on the benefits of using management software. The transportation field is constantly evolving. Along with the changes is a need to use the technology available to streamline their company for the future. Will loves being able to educate the small guys on how to make it like the big boys.

The non-working hours usually involve some kind of outdoor activity. He loves to hike, play tennis, cardio box, and more. He is currently getting ready for his 2nd Tough Mudder in 2021.