As an Account Manager, I work with about 75 to 100 different businesses. Every day is different, but I always know that I’ll get a glimpse into their work, whether that’s hearing about an interesting load or a particularly challenging delivery. I’ve known some of the people I work with for years. I know their kid’s names, their dream vacation, and their hometown. This is something that doesn’t happen at most factoring companies as those larger companies don’t specialize in personalized service like we do at CarrierNet.

My carriers are much more to me than a number. I care about helping them be successful and I take pride in being responsive and resourceful. Educating them and hopefully help them prevent some of the pitfalls that come with this kind of work. I know that getting back to you with a credit check or an update on a payment can make the difference in whether you accept a load. I can give you the information you need to make a good decision, and I can add insight because I know what is important to you. When you call or email, you get me. The knowledge I have about factoring means you get a leg up, bringing over a decade of experience as well as the expertise of my entire organization, all aiming to make your life a little easier. 

Being your account manager isn’t just a job to me — it’s being a critical part of your business, treating you like I would my own business. Because, in a way, you are. 

I love the challenge of making sure every bit of business is handled well, each and every day. I pay attention to the little things so you can pay attention to the things that matter to you. You’ll always get a personal response from me and if you have a question you don’t have to search to find a phone number on an anonymous website.  You can simply pick up the phone and know you’ll get a smile and a response tailored just for you.


About the Author: Jeryl Eastman
Jeryl Eastman

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