There has been a massive influx of fraud and double brokering happening within the industry. I want to ensure you don’t have any questions regarding the credit check feature and chat on the dashboard.

Credit checks are the number one way to reduce the risk of getting stuck in a situation where you end up not getting paid for a load.

If you are a current customer, login to our credit checks systems here.

We have been carefully monitoring these fraud/double-brokering schemes to the best of our ability for some time now; these brokers are constantly popping up all over the country under new MC numbers. They are then operating under addresses tied to virtual office spaces, UPS stores, etc. These companies always seem to start paying extremely quickly right away, followed by massive growth, and finally followed by massive slowdowns in payment.

At a point, these companies will just collapse and credit alerts will start popping up for fraud, double brokering, bond filings, revoked authorities, etc. Carriers get stuck collecting pennies on the dollar, if anything at all, once these shell companies collapse.

Things to watch for with potential double brokers:

  • The address doesn’t pull up or tie to a physical brokerage or company
  • Carrier name doesn’t match on the BOL
  • BOLs with the name Amazon Logistics
  • Brokers constantly requesting BOLs after drop-off
  • Fictitious broker names on rate cons
  • Generic voice prompts when calling the brokerage
  • Gmail/yahoo/msn email addresses tied to billing/brokerage
  • New MC#s for the brokerage

Start with CarrierNet credit checks.

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