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Becki Lynch

VP of Solutions

Becki is a small-town farm girl who comes to us from Tripp, SD. She received her undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Management Information Systems from Northern State University and received her Associate degree in System Administration from Southeast Tech. She sits as the Vice President of Solutions and does not just oversee the Solutions Department, but she chooses to be hands-on, and you will likely work with her during your initial implementation phase.

Becki has been with Carriernet with since 2003 helping carriers grow their business via our Truckwin software platform. She brings with her years of knowledge of transportation, accounting, and best business practices for growth. She also helps maintain our internal IT system with years of computer troubleshooting and continued education. In summary, she is a nerd, encompassing accounting and computers and she is proud of it!

“I have always had a calling to help people, especially the underdog. Working at Carriernet has helped me fulfill that calling as I watch our clients grow and flourish in the transportation industry.”

When she is not ‘nerding’ out at work, she is busy at home with her children and husband. She enjoys being a member of Junior League of Sioux Falls, sitting on various boards, and fundraising.

Some of Becki’s favorite educational links

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