There is no doubt that technology is all around us and we use it every day. We also know that it is constantly changing with government mandates like ELD’s to track hours of service and the various apps of load boards, Fuel Cards, Driver Portals, the list goes on. The question becomes:  how can you utilize technology to give your trucking company the edge?

Taking advantage of the right technology can provide great dividends in the long run when establishing your company. Being able to know when you are getting paid and how long it took to get paid are always a high priority. Furthermore, taking that information and combining it with well tracked expenses will open up a lot of financial opportunities for you.

CarrierNet is driven by technology!

CarrierNet’s Dashboard is our solution for easily doing credit checks and submitting invoices for funding.  It also keeps track of settlements and documents to help organize your paperwork with your invoices and offers tools like mileage tracking, gross revenue per mile reports, and IFTA taxes.

TruckWin is our time tested, all-in-one solution that puts everything in one place with the flexibility to handle new companies getting started to well established business models. TruckWin provides dispatch, billing, payroll, and revenue settlements, as well as your accounts receivable and payable.  Truckwin wraps up all that information into an income statement so you have the pulse of your business.

Having tools like the Dashboard and TruckWin available will allow you to know when it is the right time to grow and expand your business. It will also allow you develop the records you need to grow beyond factoring and give you opportunities for traditional financing options. Being able to utilize the right solutions at the right time will allow you to build that strong foundation for long term growth and success.

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About the Author: Becki Lynch

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